High-Rise Condos and LED Retrofits

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With the rapid advancement of LED lighting technology, the choices are numerous for the different contexts of condo living. There is an LED lamp for virtually every traditional lamp out there. Two of the most popular and cost-effective lamps that are typically the first to be replaced, which are the A19 incandescent lamp and the MR16 halogen lamp.

The A19 lamp is the most widely used lamp overall and they are usually between 60 and 100 watts and can last up to 1300 hours.  These lamps are used in everything from tabletop lamps and chandeliers, to bathroom vanities. 

The LED alternative to the A19 lamp consumes between 8-12 watts and last for 50,000 hours.  Reducing the wattage used by 75-80% and due to fact the lamp can last for 50,000 hours rather than 1300 hours, there comes a point during the life of the lamp that it will end up paying for itself.

The MR16 LED retrofit has rapidly become popular due to advancements in heat dissipation and the brightness of the white LED. MR16 halogen lamps typically consume 20-50 watts per lamp and only last 3000 – 4500 hours. They also usually run on a 12-volt transformer system for each lamp. These lamps are used to accent artwork, recessed in the ceiling or are sometimes used in landscape lighting. The LED alternative to the MR16 halogen only consumes 4-10 watts and is rated to last up to 50,000 hours. 

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